DIY: Pimp Up Your Sunglasses with Nailpolish

Hi friends! So I don’t usually buy cheap sunglasses, but earlier this week I found a pair in a Primark store and I just could not resist. They weren’t exactly my style, but that is the beauty of cheap sunglasses: Just pimp them up yourself! 

sun1 sun2

For this DIY I used:
– Cheap sunglasses
– Nail polish (Clear, pink and gold)
– A long gold chain (not real gold obviously)


So I didn’t like the red dots in the middle of the flowers so I just painted over them with gold nail polish. For this I used a small nail polish brush but you can also use toothpicks.

I know this picture is crappy, sorry~
I know this picture is crappy, sorry~

After that I painted the uhm… nose part of the glasses and the … ear parts (??) of the glasses pink. I am great with words. Please don’t be like me and let the polish dry properly before going on the next step or else you will ruin it with your hands.


Now take the gold chain and cut it into half. Then wrap them around the glasses and glue them on using dots of clear nail polish. You will have something like this:

sun6 sun7

At this point the glasses are cute too, so if you like that you can keep them that way. Next I wrapped the chains around the arms and glued them on with clear nail polish.



And that’s it!

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