DIY: Simple Crochet Flower Headband (with 3 colors + green)

Hi! BunTilda here, this is my first post and I’d like to show anyone who’s interested how to make this simple, cute and colorful flower headband: 


You will need: 
– A blank metal or plastic headband
– 3 or more thread colors of your choice + green thread
– Pearl beads
– A sewing needle
– A crochet needle. For this headband I used a 2,5 mm needle (Japan: 4/0, UK./Canada: 12)


Here are the colors, beads and headband that I used.

The flowers and the leaves

For the flowers I used this pattern (Source):

flower pattern

I know it’s probably the ugliest pattern you’ve ever seen, but I thought I’d draw over the original pattern in the book with Photoshop and this is what happened.

To fit the pearl bead in the middle of the flower, instead of making a circle of 3 ch, I began with a circle of 6 ch.

Eventually I ended up with 9 flowers; 3 flowers per color.


You can also attach them to a bobby pin so you have a kawaii-ass thing going on in your hair.

For the leaves I used this pattern:



The headband

So once we’ve finished with the flowers and the leaves, we’re ready to move on to assembling the headband.

First you want to cover the entire headband with single crochets (X), just x allover that shit until the entire headband is covered.

Here’s a closeup of the wanted result:


After you’ve covered the headband in sc (X), you’re ready to sow the leaves and the flowers on to the headband! Since I didn’t take any pictures of the process (I’m sorry!), I will tell you the order of the leaves and the flowers. First, though, I recommend you try on the headband first and decide where you want the flowers to start and end.

The order of the flowers and leaves are quite easy:
– First sow on the leaf
– Sow the first flower halfway over the leaf
– Sow the second flower halfway over the first flower and repeat
– Make sure the second leaf at the end of the row of flowers is sown halfway under that last flower.


Et voila! You got your spring/summer floral headband!

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Simple Crochet Flower Headband (with 3 colors + green)

  1. Wow, it’s so beautiful and delicate! I found the instructions to be quite simple, I will definitely come back to this when I am in need of a flower headband and low in budget hahaha! 🙂


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